WATCH Gary: I can cut fish but I can’t build a brick wall.

My name’s Gary. I’m nearly 62, I’ve been working in the fish market for about 42 or 43 years, basically from school. We used to work in a retail shop, in Marble Arch, that’s where I started. The old fish market was a lot busier and there were a lot more characters. It was 10 times better than this new market. I prefer the old one, it’s definitely 100 times better. 

There’s loads of memorable moments, you see something different every day and that is a lot of messing about in the markets. Most of the customers are very good. Anyone that’s spending money is good. I don’t remember any specific things happening. There’s too many to mention, you see things happening every day and some are crazy. Can’t say on camera.

My birthday is on Christmas Day. I never work on my birthday. Never have any celebrations here, only at home. My job duty is to just sell fish, sell as much fish as I can. The more the better. You want to buy some?

The relocation is all rumours.

At the moment, the relocation is all rumours. Not 100% sure. It’ll probably go to Dagenham. But it won’t affect me because I will retire in four years. My favourite area of the market is the door to go home. Best area. Going through the door to go home.

At this fish market, basically you just come in and sell fish. Someone teaches you on the first day and you learn the prices. Learn the fish and off, then you go. It’s a practice. I can cut fish but I can’t build a brick wall. And a man who builds a brick wall won’t be able to cut the fish. 

The uniform is good, you get clean overalls every day. It saves our own clothes from getting messed up. It protects our clothes underneath, so it’s much better.