2022 Visibility of the Invisible, group exhibition, Stanley picker gallery, Kingston School of Art in partnership with Design Museum, London

2021 Being Human Festival: Market Place, participated artist & guest speaker Museum of London, London

2021 Research Method, RDP, guest speaker, Royal College of Art, London

2021 Presentation Method: Barter Archive, Site, guest speaker, Royal College of Art, London

2021 Social Engagement Practice: Barter Archive, guest speaker, Brigthon University, United Kingdom

2021 Barter Roadshow, conversation with Richard Martin
(Daskalopoulos Director of Education & Public Programmes Whitechapel Gallery) & Jessie Brennan, London

2021 Invisible Boreder, group exhibition, Akademiegalerie Nürnberg, Hauptmarkt 29, 90403 Nürnberg

2021 Invisible Border, group exhibition, Kurt Kurt Gallery, Berlin

2020 Open the boxes, conversation with Tate archive curator , Peter Eaves & Clare Sexton, London

2020 Insite: Barter Archive, conversation with David Roberts, Royal College of Art, London

2020 Walk-in-gage: Barter Archive, online workshop, Walkative Society, Royal College of Art

2020 Export Radio 24 Hours Live Boardcast: Barter Archive