James Nash & Son Ltd: Bill Thornton’s Working Boots

Bill has already retired. He used to work for Jame Nash & Son Ltd. However, I still met him in the fish market as he came back from time to time to help as a part-time. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, some fishmongers in the shop are absent. Bill came back to help for a week. For him, this week is his real holiday as he really enjoys working here. He told me that he liked being with his good friends (like his family) and he missed the days being here.

We did an interview with Bill and he talked about the changes in the Canary Wharf and the Billingsgate Fish Market. He also mentioned one important family member of the Billingsgate Fish Market, Sammy the Seal. It appeared in early 2002 and had been with the fish market for over 10 years. Many of the fishmongers loved to bring him/her breakfast every morning. Sammy disappeared in 2016 and bill guessed Sammy has already passed away.

Bill still remembered the first day when he moved to the fish market at Canary Wharf. The market is surrounded by the beach. After some years, the skyscrapers are built and surrounding the market. Sammy disappeared with rapid development of the area.

When I asked what he wanted to exchange with me. He brought me his white working boots. He wore it for over five years. It is really heavy. It is important for Bill when he has to work on a slipping floor all day long.