Holme Seaf

The Cafe Family


Polydor Seafood

Micks Eel Supply



Billingsgate Coffee Shop

Lawrence Bros. Ltd

S&A Hart

Selsea Seafood

Simmo’s (Billingsgate)

L.G. Wicker

Evans Brothers

Big Greg

Billingsgate Exotics Fish Ltd.

Ish Seafood

A.A. Lyons Ltd: Adam

Mick’s Eel

ZED EXOTICS: Namecard & Handwriting Email

Mark Andrew Wilkinson: We make a promise of returning the hat and baby lobster to him after the scanning.

Snowing Billingsgate

Greg, the influencer of the Billingsgate Fish Market

Michael introduces all the notebooks.


Fawsitt Fish: Tony, Steve, Paul, Lee, Sam

DODI Sketch

Fish Fillet Performance: Gary, James Nash & Son Ltd.

Barney’s Seafood Family

Christmas card from Corporation of London (By Fishnet)

Bobby’s Fish: Bobby’s porter license pledge (no. 500)

Zed Exotics: Farrukh Javed, Shakic Ahmed & Zobair

Namecard collection


Interview with Ali Gul (Ali Jon Donne), the café owner

A. H. COX (Billingsgate) LTD.

Portrait: Laurie Ballamy

J&P Exotics: Paul Hollick, Richard and Adam

WATCH Gary: I can cut fish but I can’t build a brick wall.

WATCH Simon: I have mixed feelings to leave here.

Polydor Seafood: Muhammad Usman Ashrar

WATCH Deepak: we were eating together, enjoying everything

James Nash & Son Ltd.

Mark Andrew Wilkinson

Barter Pending: Fawsitt Fish

Mark Andrew Wilkinson

James Nash & Son Ltd. : Michael

Christmas Card from Fishnet

Terry Howard, the Iceman

Portrait: Jeff Willis


WATCH Interview: Terry Howard, the Iceman

WATCH Henry Unwin: everyone has their own white jacket, like a uniform.

Billingsgate Fish Market (Outdoor)

Terry Howard, the Iceman

Chamberlain & Thelwell Ltd.

Mark Andrew Wilkinson

The hand-drawn amp of Billingsgate Fish Market

Ikon: customers are like my family members.

Polydor: Ron’s working clothe

John Moss, A.A.LYONS LTD

A. H. Cox (Billingsgate)

Paul’s Birthday: They sing the Gangnam Style

C&A Seafood: Laurie’s Porter License Pledge (no. 218)

Sketch: Asian Fish

Fawsitt Fish: Tony

fish monger

J.Bennett (Billingsgate) Ltd.

Polydor: Lobster shop

The Last Bobbin Hat: Manny Abrahams

Barneys Seafood: Working jacket

Sketch: British Exotics

Terry Howard’s Office

Bard Shell Fish: Oyster Knife

Barneys Seafood: Mikes porter license pledge (no. 283)

Cafe’s postcard: Ali Candan (Ali’s brother)

Portrait: Gary, James & Nash Son Ltd

R & G Shellfish

C & A Seafood

Portrait: Me

Portrait: Ali Gul, Billingsgate Café

Bard Shell Fish

Portrait: Bill Thornton, James Nash & Son Ltd.

Polydor Seafood: Ikon’s Boots

The Christmas tree in the café

John Stockwell Ltd.

Asian Fresh

When Jeff was young

Bobby Unwin Porter Licence Document and Badge

Zed Exotics: Shaheryar Ahmed, Hafir Mahmood

Fishnet: Working Jacket

The record of my sketch

Bobby’s Fish: Bobby’s hat

The first documentary photographer: Terry

A white box in the Fishnet: who is it?


Cyprus Fishers: Martin’s hat

Laurie Bellamy: We will use the porter pledge to decorate our Christmas tree.

WATCH Scott Unwin: when some people come up, I know exactly what they want.

Cyprus Fishers: Greg’s working jacket

Barter Pending: British Extoxic

WATCH Bobby Unwin: I just have to accept them, don’t you?

Ron Lomas: the market reflects the diversity and is like a big family

Fawsitt Fish: Lee

WATCH Martin: rain, snow, wind…nothing stops us. We’re soldiers.

Bisvin Vaoy Hese, West & Son

WATCH Laurie Bellamy: I wouldn’t want London to become like every other city

Chamberlain & Thelwell Ltd.

Ali Jon Donne: The fire, the worst time in my life

Bobby Unwin: I used to be a boxer.

WATCH Bill Thornton: Sammy the Seal only ate good salmons

Lee: I was the best man at my best friend’s wedding. He was my best man too.

Barter in Progress

They love to talk about Hong Kong

How should I open up the conversation?

The community hub: Billingsgate Café

The map of the Billingsgate Fish Market

Why I used a blue ball pen?

From Canary Wharf to Billingsgate

The relocation meeting

Barter: Polydor working coat